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Rehearsals at the Dominion Theatre

Being a renowned West-End Theatre in the heart of central London we like to think that we know a thing or two about what goes into putting on a great show. As a result, we know only too well how important a rehearsal space is to any production or project.

What tends to set us apart and what our clients love about our rehearsal spaces is the ease of its location. Situated directly opposite Tottenham Court Road Station, it’s impossible not to notice our iconic theatre.

A theatre isn’t usually the first place you would think of for rehearsal spaces, especially when you have images in your mind of quaint old buildings with little room for manoeuvre. But here at the Dominion, we are fortunate to possess both space alongside a traditional theatrical majesty that creates a fantastic environment to rehearse in. Once inside the theatre, a grandiose staircase leads you to The Studio where you are afforded absolute privacy. Away from the main auditorium and in a fully sound-proofed room, you can conduct your rehearsal in complete peace of mind with all the facilities you need at hand.

DSC04031We are fortunate that our enviable 16.2m x 12.1m space allows productions to fully re-create their set, allowing performers to really get to grips with their role. The Studio’s easy access from the main foyer allows props and set-pieces into the building via the front doors. Additionally, a side entrance with lift access can aid an easy get-in.

The fully sprung oak floor and mirrored walls fully facilitate dance rehearsals, workshops and auditions in an air conditioned room allowing dancers to work up a sweat in a space that can regulate the temperature and keep them cool. A state of the art air handling system also allows fresh air to be circulated in the room, keeping the space inviting all day long.

We’ve had all ranges of projects and production companies rehearse with us such as The Book of Mormon, The Elephant Man, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, The Kenneth Branagh Company, The Bodyguard, Ghost, and Evita. Alongside some of the industries major players in theatre & television, we’ve also had smaller, independent companies with us for workshops and read-throughs.

The space has also proved ideal for large-scale auditions as its break-out area; being perfectly utilised as a holding room for contestants when we had Britain’s Got Talent with us.

Gallery tweakedIn fact, our Studio space has got so popular our secondary rehearsal space, The Gallery, has been refurbished to facilitate additional bookings. A vast room at 16.7m x 6.4m, tucked away at the top of the building in the ivory tower away from the hustle and bustle of our busy theatre, The Gallery has been perfect for TV companies who are looking to rehearse and for read-throughs. The versatility of the room has been put to task with Celebrity Juice and Talk Back TV actually using the room to film in. We also have a break-out room connected to the Gallery which is perfect as a production office or simply for storage.

So, in terms of looking for a rehearsal space run by a team that really appreciates the creative industries, with all the facilities you could ask for in a Central London location, you really don’t need to look much further.

For more information on Rehearsing with Dominion Events why not check out our brochure for further details.