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Top Tips for Tina Tickets

Is Tina sold out for months? How do I get tickets?

Whilst it's true that Tina has sold a lot of tickets, there are still good seats available over the next few months.

There is some availability for Monday – Wednesday performances from mid-February.
If you want good seats for a Thursday matinee performance, then look from March onward.
If you want good seats for a Friday performance look from March onward.
If you want good seats for a Saturday matinee performance look from April onward.
If you want good seats for Saturday evening performances, then look at performances from late-March onward.

It can also be worth checking on the day in case we have had any seats returned or released for sale.


You can often buy tickets with a slightly restricted view for some of the upcoming performances over the next few weeks. These seats can offer great value, as in most cases, only a very small part of the stage is obscured. These seats are often the last seats to be sold, and can be available to buy on the day or week of the performance. Check for these by calling or visiting the theatre. It is best to have a choice of dates in mind when inquiring.

But I want top price tickets - where can I buy these?

If you are looking to buy a top price ticket, availability is strictly limited. For wider mid-week availability you will need to book for January onward.


Because there are no group rates valid during popular school holidays some of the performances during these times currently have the best availability.

I can't wait until then - surely there must be some way of getting tickets earlier?

Whilst there are no guarantees it is always worth ringing up, checking online or visiting the theatre on the day of the performance – often spare tickets are returned or released for sale on the day of the performance.


Sometimes ticket agencies may still have seats that they haven't sold. Check out the list of reputable ticket agents at

How do I buy tickets?

There are lots of different ways to buy tickets.

You can book online, by phone (0345 200 7981 - seven days a week, 9am-9pm), or in person at the Aldwych Theatre (10am-8pm, Monday - Saturday).

Please note that the Box Office will be very busy in the hour before a performance, so you may be asked to wait a few minutes.


Make sure you only buy tickets from an approved ticket agent. Never buy tickets from touts. When buying tickets, you should never pay a booking fee of more than 25% of the face value of the ticket. Make sure that you are told the exact location of your seats and the face value of the tickets.

For further information about buying tickets from an agency, and for a list of approved ticket agents, visit

How do I avoid paying a booking fee?

There are no booking fees if you buy your tickets in person at the Aldwcyh Theatre or online at

Where is the best place to sit?

The best place to sit is down to personal preference. The top price tickets are in the stalls (stage level) or the dress circle (first balcony). In the stalls you feel really close to the action; in the dress circle you get a great overview of the stage.


Some of the best value seats are in the balcony where you get fantastic clear views of the stage from just £10.

Ticket prices subject to change without notice.