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Meet the team

  • Operations Director John Hindley
  • Theatre Manager Christiaan Light
  • Deputy Theatre Manager Sophia Rowland
  • Front of House Manager Thomas Evans
  • Deputy Front of House Manager Rhys Shaw-McDowall
  • Duty Front of House Manager Matthew Parry
  • Head of Events Claire Kenning
  • Event Manager Pip Mai
  • Chief Electrician Stuart Plume
  • Deputy Chief Electrician Lawrence Dennell
  • Chargehand Electrician Onur Aksu
  • Head of Stage Dave Sutherland
  • Deputy Head of Stage Mino Rowlands
  • Head of Flys Sam Hill
  • Stage Door Keeper Malcolm Mendones
  • Stage Door Keeper Jamie Osborne
  • Sales and Ticketing Manager Gerry Nutley
  • Box Office Manager Sam Barnes
  • Deputy Box Office Manager Elizabeth Knowles
  • Assistant Box Office Manager Polly Freestone
  • Chief Executive Officer Jerrold B Katzman
  • Projects Manager Lucy McCall
  • Financial Controller Ken Marchesi
  • Finance Assistant Mariyana Petrova
  • Accounts Assistant Lauren Whitby
  • Marketing Manager Abi Stacey
  • Property Services Manager Jonathan Dixon
  • Head of Maintenance Steve Estrada
  • Maintenance Operative Anthony Lawson
  • Property Operative Dilek Duman
  • Property Services Assistant Christine Melody
  • Housekeeping provided by Emprise Services PLC